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Australian Made Cowhide Bags


Our History


In 1993 Lisa Allen started Ella Maiden Australia as a Australian manufacturing company; designing and handcrafting high quality and luxurious leather goods.

Ella Maiden Australia was born from Allen’s desire and passion to produce high quality handcrafted handbags, backpacks, luggage, and fashion accessories. They are exclusive, superior in quality, unique in design, and with a look & feel sure to stand out. Ella Maiden’s signature product has always been the two-tone cowhide - in either black and white, or chocolate-brown and white. Over the years, the range has expanded into quirky designs created out of the most beautiful leathers and skins!

As founder of Ella Maiden Australia - Allen is the first to admit that it was a hard slog. “Anyone involved in manufacturing in Australia would say we are all mad.” she jokes. “It’s so difficult - just the sheer distances in Australia can be a problem.” While it is common for today’s fashion manufacturers to move their manufacturing offshore to cut production costs, Allen is adamant that Ella Maiden production always will stay within Australia. “Ella Maiden designs are being handcrafted in Australia”, Allen proudly states. “This way we can manage the entire process; from hand selecting the leather hides, to the final quality control of each product before it is sent to our customers”. Ella Maiden products are sold and sent throughout Australia and overseas.


Today, under the guidance of Jane Kooros, Ella Maiden Australia creates subtly elegant fashion accessories in genuine hand-shaved Australian cowhide, and other superior quality leathers & fabrics.

Jane designs and creates all the new Ella Maiden products, which are being handcrafted in Australia for our Ella Maiden clientele.

Jane says: “I was given the opportunity to take over and run the Ella Maiden business, started by Lisa Allen (the founder of Ella Maiden) in 1993. It is such an exciting opportunity to take this amazing company to the next level. I have already worked for Ella Maiden for over ten years.”

” I have always loved the Ella Maiden products, each and every Ella Maiden piece is unique, they are comfortable to wear, have a great look and feel, and are handcrafted in Australia using the best natural materials to produce superior quality. The products really stand out! It was important to me to maintain the quality and at the same time be able to bring my own ideas to the product range.”

“I have surrounded myself with a great team of people who share my passion for Ella Maiden and who help me run and grow the business. We work with some of the best Australian craftsman, artisans, photographers, stylists, and leather experts. I intend to expand into all types of quality leathers, fabrics, and unique fashion designs.”

“It is great to receive so many positive testimonials from around the world, saying how much people love our products! Many tell me they have had their Ella Maiden bag for over 10 years and are still using it on a daily basis! It’s wonderful to hear.”

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