Travel Bag Cowhide

Travel Bag Cowhide


The Ella Maiden Cowhide Travel Bag is the perfect size for cabin luggage, a true overnight bag for a couple of fun days away, or as a daily business or sports bag. It holds more than you would presume.

This bag opens up generously with a zip pocket inside, and has strong, supportive leather handles. It is handcrafted out of the most beautiful hand-shaved Australian cowhide, with thick plain A-grade leather trim, and Ella Maiden signature lining inside and solid brass fittings.

Your Travel Bag will be authentic as not one Ella Maiden bag is the same with each cowhide bag having its own unique individual pattern.

Measurements: W53 x H32 x D25 cm.

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All Ella Maiden’s creations are 100% handcrafted in Australia, using the finest local materials and offer a truly unique look and feel!